50 states in 50 days

A SV challenge

50 States in 50 Days
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Since Clark and Lex are such Kansas boys at heart, we decided we needed to get them outside of their comfort zone and, so, the50_in_50 challenge was born.

Inspired by the Supernatural challenge spn_50states we ambitiously hope to represent each of the fifty sates in (hopefully) fifty fics and manips.

Choose one of the fifty states, preferably one that you know or have been to, though it isn't absolutely necessary. Try and capture that state in a Clex-centric manip or fic that is a minimum of 1,000 words.

Now here's the catch: you have fifty days to write the fic/create your art.

Sign up ends: Oct 1, 2006
Comm unlocked/Stories posted: Nov 19, 2006